The Michigan Medicine blog recap

January 17, 2020  //  FOUND IN: News

A roundup of articles from both the Michigan Health and Michigan Health Lab blogs, which cover stories on breaking news and research, health tips and wellness that you won’t want to miss.

U-M Researchers Find New Function for Macropinocytosis in Mammalian Cell Growth

Research suggests the possibility of a more general phenomenon, applicable to the growth of other primary cell types. READ MORE

U-M Team Sheds New Light on the Role of Regulatory T Cells in Pancreatic Cancer

In mouse models, the work uncovers a new potential target to improve immunotherapy approaches to the deadly disease. READ MORE

A Replacement for Exercise?

A protein called Sestrin might be responsible for many of the benefits of a good workout. READ MORE

A Simple Twist of Cell Fate

U-M researchers are shedding new light on the ways in which two omnipresent proteins can influence the fate of stem cells during development — with exciting implications for research and health. READ MORE

Confused About Michigan’s New Medicaid Work Requirement? Read This

People covered by the Healthy Michigan Plan need to pay attention now, or they could lose coverage later. READ MORE

Young Mom’s Yearlong Search for Relief Ends at Michigan Medicine

Some patients keep a hospital wristband as a memento of their experience. Heather Edds kept her rib, which sits in a jar in her home. READ MORE

How Baby Jordan Brought FETO, and Hope, to Midwest

A rare case of right-sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia encouraged a Michigan Medicine team to expand access to an experimental, life-saving procedure. READ MORE