The Michigan Medicine blog recap

January 10, 2020  //  FOUND IN: News

A roundup of articles from both the Michigan Health and Michigan Health Lab blogs, which cover stories on breaking news and research, health tips and wellness that you won’t want to miss.

Travel Dreams Come True After Lung Reduction Surgery

Darlene Mowatt went from being housebound to traveling the country in an RV after life-changing lung volume reduction surgery. READ MORE

Drug Trial Seeking First Ever Treatment for Dangerous Side Effect of Prader-Willi Syndrome

A worldwide research effort is underway for finding a treatment option for hyperphagia, the most common genetic cause of life-threatening childhood obesity. READ MORE

Artificial Intelligence Improves Brain Tumor Diagnosis

Optical imaging and artificial intelligence are making brain tumor diagnosis quicker and more accurate. READ MORE

Having a Baby May Cost Some Families $4,500 Out-Of-Pocket

Despite an ACA mandate that large, employer-based health plans cover maternity care, some are shouldering more of the expenses tied to having a baby. READ MORE

Children Frequently Receive Unnecessary Medical Care Regardless of Insurance Type

1 in 9 publicly insured and 1 in 11 privately insured children received low-value care in 2014, researchers find. READ MORE

BMI Over Time Beats Genetics in Predicting Future Obesity

Researchers are excited about the prospect of incorporating polygenic risk scores to predict obesity, but a new study finds genetics adds little to what’s already discovered in clinic. READ MORE

This Drug Could Save Their Lives, But Less Than 2 Percent Get It

Despite naloxone recommendations for people who take high-dose opioids, or who have a history of opioid problems, study finds those at risk aren’t getting the overdose rescue drug. READ MORE


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