Cyber Safety – Review in 2: Wiping sensitive data from personal devices

January 28, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Welcome back to the monthly Cyber Safety – Review in 2!

The goal of these messages is to increase awareness of key cybersecurity topics by presenting important information that can be reviewed in two minutes or less.

January’s Cyber Safety — Review in 2: Wiping sensitive data from personal devices

Many employees use personally-owned mobile devices — a smartphone, tablet or laptop, etc. — for daily work at Michigan Medicine. Perhaps you got a new one over the holidays.

Before you recycle, resell or dispose of your current personal device, you need to “wipe” it and take steps to remove any personal or sensitive data, including work data, that you may have stored on the device.

Did you know?

Merely deleting files on a device does not completely remove them. Files that are moved to a trash can or recycle bin can be easily recovered using free file recovery software. Before you dispose of the device, you are expected to wipe it.

This is especially important if you have used a personal device for U-M work purposes.

Besides, it’s policy! See the Standard Practice Guide.

View and print the January reminder poster. Feel free to hang it in your work area or share with others.

Thank you for taking two minutes to learn more about wiping personal devices. Watch for the quarterly quiz in March to win a breakfast basket to be delivered to you at work

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