Week in Review: Week of Dec. 9, 2019

December 13, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

It was certainly an ‘art’-warming week at Headlines! That’s because it began with the remarkable story of six-year-old Colton McGowan, who learned he had an artistic gift while receiving cancer treatment at Mott.

Also this week, Michigan Medicine Laboratories shared details of the important work they carry out; readers were given an inside look at recent fire safety trainings that will keep patients and colleagues safe; and faculty and staff were recognized for making a difference in November.

In case you missed anything, here’s the latest!

‘A therapeutic gift’: Art helps six-year-old cope with cancer treatment

For Colton McGowan and his family, their time at Michigan Medicine was filled with anxiety. The six-year-old was being treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma with four rounds of chemotherapy. Fortunately, Colton’s story has a happy ending. Not only is he now cancer-free, but as an inpatient he was given the chance to paint, leading to a new hobby in which he excels. Click through for Colton’s touching story, proving that art can truly be “a therapeutic gift.”

Meet Michigan Medicine Laboratories

Across the U.S., there are health care facilities that don’t have the resources to carry out complex pathological testing. Thanks to Michigan Medicine Laboratories, the organization offers those organizations a place to send specimens for testing, helping diagnose some of the most difficult cases. Learn more about MLabs and find out how they help improve care and treatment each and every day.

Practicing preparedness: Faculty, staff undergo OR fire safety training

On a recent Thursday morning, 68 operating rooms across Michigan Medicine paused for two hours so more than 1,050 faculty and staff could participate in a systemwide fire safety training. The exercise was designed to give employees real-life scenarios to help them gain better perspective of how to react in case of an emergency. Take a look back at this important initiative! 

Making a Difference: November 2019 highlights

Employees across the organization work hard to inspire their colleagues and make a difference in the lives of those they serve. Read about some of the remarkable faculty and staff members who were recognized by a patient, family member or coworker for their work in October.

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