Plan ahead: Construction to begin this month on new adult hospital

December 9, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Later this month, construction will begin on the new adult hospital to be located adjacent to the Frankel Cardiovascular Center.

In preparation for the project, fencing will be installed in mid-December around the construction site. The fencing will remain in place through 2024.

Below are some important details about the upcoming construction project and how it will impact wayfinding on the academic medical center campus.


  • Careful planning has been carried out to create accessible pedestrian routes and employee access for the duration of the project.
    • Both indoor and outdoor wayfinding maps can be printed for your convenience and are shown below.
    • Wayfinding signage will also be posted around campus to assist pedestrians.
    • The following entrances will be open 24/7 with a valid MCard:
      • Buhl Building, 4th floor entrance (ADA accessible)
      • Med Sci 2, 3rd floor entrance
      • Med Sci 1, 4th floor entrance near Medical School Admissions (ADA accessible)
      • Med Sci 1, 4th floor stair entrance
      • Med Sci 1, 3rd floor entrance from Rogel Cancer Center
Indoor wayfinding
Outdoor wayfinding


  • There will be intermittent lane closures on Catherine Street through summer 2020.
  • The circle drive in front of Med Sci I will remain open for drop-offs.


  • The bus shelter on Couzens/Zina Pitcher will be removed and the stop will be closed beginning Friday, Dec. 20. This will be the only stop impacted by the construction — all others will remain unaffected.
  • Alternate stops to Couzens/Zina Pitcher for various routes include:
    • Bus stop at Glen and Catherine (Bursley-Baits, Diag-to-Diag and Northwood routes)
    • Bus stop at the CVC and/or the stop on West Medical Center Drive at Catherine (North-East Shuttle)
    • Bus stop at the CVC (Wall Street-NIB route)
  • Click here for more U-M transit information.


  • Approximately 15 metered parking spaces along Ann Street will become unavailable when fencing is installed. Once the project is completed, seven of these spaces will be permanently removed to make room for the new hospital’s drop-off area.
  • The M73 parking lot at the southwest corner of the CVC will be closed as it is inside the construction site. There are currently six spaces in this lot, including two business vehicle spaces, three service vehicle spaces and one commercial vehicle space.

Please be assured that the organization will make great efforts to keep dust exposure to a minimum. With that being said, immunocompromised patients and employees should be aware of the potential for exposure and are recommended to use a mask if they have any dust and mold sensitivities.

  • Outpatients coming to the medical campus for visits will be notified of the construction and the recommended mask usage via appointment reminders on the patient portal, mailed appointment reminders and reminder phone calls.
  • Signs alerting patients to the construction will be posted near key entrances/exits.
  • Masks will be available at those entrances/exits.

If you have additional questions, please contact Karen Amman at

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as the organization builds the hospital of the future!