Cyber Safety – Review in 2: A gift of knowledge

December 6, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

It’s been a successful first 12 months of cyber safety topics, from tax fraud, encryption, traveling with technology, to phishing and password safety. Health Information Technology & Services has given a breakfast basket from Great Harvest Bread Company to 11 quiz winners this year and more than 50 swag boxes during October’s Cyber Awareness Month.

During the busy holiday season, it’s easy to rush through online activities such as online shopping and browsing emails. Finish this year out strong with these cybersafety tips and reminders.

View and print out this month’s “Cyber Safety – Review in 2” poster.


  • Unsolicited email: Check the email address and don’t click links.
  • If an email seems suspicious, report it!
  • Only use secure sites when shopping online.


  • Create rules in your inbox to block spam
  • Don’t click “Unsubscribe,” block the sender instead.
  • Be cautious: Limit how often you give out your email address


  • Use 2 factor/Duo whenever possible.
  • Keep passwords secure and out of sight.
  • HITS now offers LastPass! Use it to manage your passwords.
  •  Stop and ask why your user name and password are being requested

Thank you to all of those that participated in the monthly cyber safety quiz and another congratulations to the winners:

January: Margaret Rayer in Pathology, Division of Quality and Health Improvement

February: Marge Schutze in Adult Psychiatric Nursing

March: Sandra Kotsis in the Department of Surgery, Section of Plastic Surgery

April: Jennifer Provencal in Otolaryngology at the Brighton Center for Specialty Care

May: Debra Buck in Department of Internal Medicine Infectious Diseases

June: Courtney Inch in Pharmacy Services

July: Gretel Quitmeyer in C&W Nursing Administration

August: Rachel Rice in Child & Family Life

September: Ann Moenart in Pediatric Trauma

October: National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Numerous winners across the organization

November: Michelle Melis in the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Additional Information can be found on Safe Computing

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