Changes made to Medical Devices Formulary on Supply Chain Services Website

December 23, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Please be advised that there have been some recent changes to the Medical Device Formulary (formerly All Items) on the Supply Chain Services website.

As a result, there is now a more robust reporting tool which refreshes on a daily basis.

 The list below identifies and defines the changes:

  • New file name: UMHS Medical Device Formulary (Formerly All Items)
  • Removed “UMHS” from the column headers
  • Added HOSP Stocking UOM: The unit of measure that the warehouse will issue to the unit
  • Added Device Tracking (UHMPU only): “Y” for all implant trackable items
  • Removed the word “HOSP“ from the HOSP Utilization column
  • Combined the UMHOR and RCAT Item ID columns: The column will display “UMHOR” for any item in the UMHOR business unit, unless there is a RCAT Item ID. In this situation, the RCAT Item ID will be displayed in place of “UMHOR”.
  • Added Charge Code: The EAP code used for billing the patient
  • Added Charge Code Description: This is where the HCPCS code will be displayed that corresponds with the EAP code
  • Added Universal Item ID Type: The identifier used to determine the universal item ID
  • Added Universal Item ID: The universally accepted item identifier
  • Added Body Systems: The code used for the part of the body the item is designed for
  • Refreshed daily at 6 a.m.

The new file can be found using this link.

Please direct all questions the Item Maintenance Team at