Biomedical Engineering seeks clinical participation for Winter 2020 design course

December 10, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The Biomedical Engineering Department (BME) is recruiting clinicians who might be interested in participating in BME 450, an undergraduate project-based design course during the 2020 Winter Term. 

This course covers concept-to-product experiences for students who want to pursue careers in the medical device industry or medicine. If you have ideas for projects (i.e. clinical problems that can be solved by BME student teams), you are encouraged to fill out the brief Google Form at this link.  The problems that student teams work on come directly from practicing clinicians, who typically act as mentors or clients as the products are developed. 

A brief description of the course follows:

BME 450 “Senior Capstone Design”

Clinicians with a clinical problem that can be solved by the development of a novel medical or research device are recruited to serve as clients. The problem should be well-defined, but open-ended enough for students to innovate their own solutions. Student teams collaborate with their client to design, build and test a prototype(s). Project ideas should focus on hardware, not software design. Clients are expected to be involved throughout the course, meeting with and supporting student teams regularly from January through April.

Past projects have included a novel toothbrush for patients with tremors, simulator to practice difficult airway intubation, mobility device for a child with limb deformities, an automatic suturing field device, etc.

Clinical participants to date have generally found their experiences to be very rewarding and several have extended past the academic terms to continue product development. Clinician-guided student teams from the senior design course have previously been named as finalists in the Johns Hopkins University Healthcare Design Competition.

If you are interested in participating in the BME 450 class or want more information, please complete this short Google Form and one of the design course instructors will be in contact to determine whether it would be a good fit!