Making a Difference: October 2019 highlights

November 14, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

Employees across Michigan Medicine continue to make a difference and inspire colleagues through their hard work and dedication. Recognizing the contributions employees make to the organization helps the team to become more motivated, drives better teamwork and gives each individual a sense that they are an integral part of achieving organizational goals.

Here are just a few examples of how faculty and staff helped Michigan Medicine provide exceptional care and service last month:

Peer recognition

Debra McCloskey, R.N., CVC operating rooms

Thank you, Deb, for making a difference every day with what you do in the CVC OR. Your hard work is the oil that keeps the machine running smoothly and the secret ingredient in a five-star meal. Whether you’re making sure surgeons have the right equipment, staff or rooms; or getting instruments to help with education/simulation; or taking care of the small but important details … our patients get better care and the service runs more smoothly because of what you do. Our thanks aren’t enough but it’s a good place to start! You’re the best.

James Cech, interpreter, Interpreter Services

James came with a Deaf patient to the lab for a vest fitting and was exceptional in the way he interacted with the patient and our staff. James was enthusiastic and completely embodied the young patient’s demeanor and made the visit fun for everyone. His specific approach showed how much he cares for the patients. James carried over the same excitement and care while helping us instruct the young patient in the clinic. It’s always a pleasure having James as a patient interpreter. He’s an asset to Michigan Medicine!

Lawyer Vaughn, carpenter, Hospital Maintenance

Lawyer is tremendous, always taking the time to explain what has to be done and why problems have occurred. I appreciate having an understanding of why certain items need fixing, as I can then try to work with our teams on preventing them in the first place. He also responds to our requests quickly and efficiently. Thanks, Lawyer!

Mary Jean Essenmacher, R.N., transplant clinic

I strongly feel that MJ should be recognized for going above and beyond with her efforts to communicate pertinent clinical information about her patients. MJ stopped by to ensure that I was prepared to see her former patients in the clinic, and to address any questions I may have had. More impressively, she showed me beautiful notes she wrote for not only the patients I was seeing that day, but for every single patient she had transitioned as part of our program. The notes served as a concise summary of their clinical journey in an effort to make their transition seamless and to provide her counterpart with a nice picture of who she was accepting onto her new patient roster. I can’t imagine how much time and effort it took for her to do this, but she did so with the absolute best intentions to provide continuity of care and a safe transition to arguably our sickest patients. I can’t thank her enough.

Natalie Krisko, financial/business analyst, internal medicine

Natalie has been such an incredible person to work with. Being new, I tend to have a lot of questions. Natalie has taken the time to thoughtfully look into everything and explain everything. I undoubtedly would not be able to do everything I have been doing without Natalie’s constant support and willingness to go the extra mile. She is truly making a difference every day in my life and by extension, the entire Division of Allergy & Clinical Immunology. My sincerest thanks to Natalie for all she does on a daily basis!

Wade Baughman, senior labor relations specialist, Human Resources

Wade helps to plan, develop content and facilitate a leadership series for supervisors, managers and directors in Support Services. One recent day was a perfect example of Wade’s dedication, integrity, subject matter expertise, and, most importantly, generosity in sharing and engaging with all of us. The content that day was complex, yet Wade provided several critical examples of how to apply what we were learning to give us meaningful practice with the content. I am grateful to have a true partner in Wade. Thank you!

Patient to staff

Patty Connors, physical therapist

Patty not only addressed the physical difficulties I faced, but facilitated the psychological aspects of the recovery process as well. She was totally committed to my achieving maximum functioning in the areas of life most important to me, and positioned me well to take over the therapeutic activity needed to maintain my progress. Patty was willing to expand her knowledge base to offer me the greatest range of beneficial services. I have no words to adequately express the positive difference Patty made in my life when I was at a really low point. Her encouragement has significantly affected my perspective on how to live well despite any physical limitation. Thank you, Patty!

Kayleigh Buczek, R.N., Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital

Kayleigh was our nurse after we gave birth to our son. We are first-time parents and she eased all of our anxieties. We had so many questions and she was patient and kind and great with our baby boy. Kayleigh is an amazing nurse and we were so thankful to have her taking care of us during such an important time of our lives. Thank you for everything you did for us!

Family to staff

Paula Kirkopoulos, guest services specialist, Security Services

Paula is one of the nicest people our family has ever encountered. We have a large family and were frequent visitors to our mother’s room. Paula would be working on our floor most days, and she is so friendly, caring and would check in to see how we were doing. She always has her coworkers and the patients/families laughing and smiling. On a floor where the patients are very sick and families are overwhelmed, it is such a bonus to have the same people there to see and greet you each day. We appreciate all of the kind words, thoughts and smiles that Paula gave our family during such a difficult time. Thank you Paula!

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