Learn what belongs where: Confidential document bins vs. recycling bins

November 19, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

At Michigan Medicine, you will likely come across a number of different bins where you can discard documents and materials you no longer need.

It is vitally important that the proper materials are disposed of in the proper ways. That will ensure patient and employee information remains safe and secure, and will allow Environmental Services to carry out its job as efficiently as possible.

Here’s what you need to know:

Recycling bins:

  • All recyclable material, including paper, plastics and cardboard should be placed in these bins.
  • However, the following should NEVER be added to a recycling bin: Confidential documents, including items with patient information.

Confidential document bins:

  • These bins are for paper work and documents ONLY.
  • No waste, cardboard, plastics, vials or other materials can be added to these bins.
  • The bins must remain locked at all times.
  • All items inside are shredded regularly on-site by Environmental Services.
  • Contact EVS at ext. 2-5326 for any bins that are full or not locked properly.

Thank you for helping Michigan Medicine handle and discard of materials in the appropriate manner!