It’s Genetic Counselors Awareness Day!

November 14, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Did you know, there are approximately 75,000 genetic tests on the market, with about 10 new tests entering the market daily? With the ever-changing landscape of genetic and genomic medicine, who can help providers and patients make sense of it all?

Genetic counselors are specialized health care providers with training in genetics and genomics. Their training goes beyond the bench, however, and includes education about the complex psychosocial responses patients experience as they process genetic information.

In honor of Genetic Counselor Awareness Day, please join the organization in celebrating Michigan Medicine genetic counselors for all they do!

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Here are the organization’s genetic counselors:

  • Breast & Ovarian Cancer Risk Evaluation Program: Lauren Hipp, Bailey Hulswit, Kara Milliron
  • Cardiovascular genetics: Rajani Aatre, Patricia Arscott
  • Cancer genetics: Sarah Austin, Colby Chase, Mary Louise Henry, Michelle Jacobs, Monica Marvin, Andrea Murad, Jenae Osborne, Dianne Samad
  • Fetal Diagnostic Center: Jacqueline Isaac, Lauren Mohnach, Audrey Norby, Kara Reynolds
  • Kellogg Eye Center: Kari Branham, Dana Schlegel
  • Medical genetics: Colby Chase, Mary Louise Henry, Lauren Hipp, Wendy Uhlmann
  • Pediatric genetics: Adelyn Beil, Rachel Fisher, Megan Glassford, Bridget O’Connor