Everyday Hero

November 13, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Accolades and Milestones

Jason demonstrated the kindest act today for Making a Difference.  I was waiting in the P1 (Cancer Center) parking structure for a spot and Jason started to walk out the door to go home after a long night.  I had concluded the elevator was down as all staff would pause, wait and then walk to the stairway.  However, 1 staff member who was using a cane and pulling luggage was paused.  I observed Jason start out the door, turn around and assist that person by carrying the luggage and assisting them up the stairs.  When he returned to the parking structure I told him he was an “every day hero”.  He humbly explained that he did not know that person and walked them to University Hospital.  After working all night, he stopped to help because “it was the right thing to do”.  Jason brightened my day and Made a Difference to another employee.