Cyber Safety – Review in 2: Practicing safe internet habits

November 5, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Stop! Think! Connect!

How did we survive before the internet? With all the advantages the internet provides, it also introduces risks such as computer viruses, websites with malicious intentions, increased visibility of personal information and more.

Practicing safe internet habits should be as automatic as locking your house before you leave. Cyber criminals only need to be lucky once to do harm to you, your family and your organization.


  • A green padlock and https should be at the beginning of the web address to signify a secure link
  • Keep personal information professional and limited
  • Don’t click on online ads. Go directly to the website
  • Always get professional advice before making online investments
  • Use secure Wi-Fi with a VPN for secure connections
  • Choose strong passwords
  • When making purchases, only use credit cards on secure sites
  • Keep your antivirus program up to date

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Q: When should you use credit cards for online shopping?

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