Cultivating culture: Leaders share ideas on organization’s values, vision for the future

November 20, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership,

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On Friday, Nov. 15, leaders from across Michigan Medicine — as well as partners Metro Health and MidMichigan — came together to share ideas and feedback about the organization’s culture, values and vision for the future.

One of the key activities of the morning included a “big, bold idea” activity, where attendees generated ideas that would help improve culture by decreasing stress and burnout. These ideas will be further assessed and vetted by the Time and Stress Management Task Team, recently convened by Marschall Runge, M.D., Ph.D., executive vice president for medical affairs, before sharing more broadly.

The day was also an opportunity to get feedback from leaders across the organization. Rose Glenn, A.P.R., chief communication and marketing officer, shared several themes that will eventually become potential vision statements for Michigan Medicine.

Dee Hunt, M.S., chief human resources officer, and Mark Prince, M.D., chair of otolaryngology, also discussed the work of the accountability task force and how many initiatives at Michigan Medicine are connected by accountable behaviors. And finally, Jane Pettit, M.S., assistant director for organizational learning, presented core values and asked for feedback on definitions for each value.

The key takeaways for the day included the importance of culture at Michigan Medicine — and how it enables excellent patient care and outcomes — and the accountability of all leaders and employees to act according to core values.

“Accountability improves everything we do — from delivering better care to making us better researchers and educators,” Runge said to the accountability task force when it was convened. “Accountability aligns perfectly with our high reliability journey because it creates a climate for us to continually improve. In the end, accountability helps us accomplish our mission to ‘advance health to serve Michigan and the world.’ It’s what we believe in and what we stand for.”

With this quote, the team built the model that will lead Michigan Medicine on its journey to a more accountable culture.

U-M Chief Learning Officer Sonya Jacobs, M.S., discussed that journey at Leadership Day.

“At Michigan Medicine, our culture journey began several years ago when we began to understand the elements that make up culture,” Jacobs said. “This year, we continue that journey by focusing on communication and acting with courage and confidence to create the best climate possible.”

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