Saluting service: Long-time Michigan Medicine employees share secrets to their success

October 15, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

Later this month, Michigan Medicine will honor its most dedicated employees — those who have been with the organization for 45, 40 and 30 years.

The annual Service Awards dinner will be held on Monday, Oct. 28 at the Kensington Hotel and will feature entertainment, a video involving and honoring team members, and the awards ceremony itself.

In preparation for this important event, Headlines caught up with some of the longest-serving faculty and staff (who have all been here 45 years), finding out what has been the most satisfying part of their careers and who has been the biggest influence during their time at Michigan Medicine.

Here’s what they had to say:


Nancy Frost, administrative assistant, emergency medicine

Headlines: What has been the deciding factor as to why you’ve stayed with the organization for so long?

NF: Many factors have gone into the reason I’ve stayed here for 45 years. Mostly, I love the work I do and the people I do it with. The amazing benefits draw us in and keep us here, as well as the feeling of pride I get every time I say I work at the University of Michigan.

I have met wonderful people along the way and have maintained life-long friendships for which I am very thankful. Michigan Medicine has made it possible for me to successfully raise three daughters on my own, and I am so proud that two of them now work here. I’m proud to say I was born here, the first baby girl born in the new Women’s Hospital Maternity Ward, my first real job was here — and 45 years later, I will retire from here. I’m incredibly fortunate.


Christine Berry, administrative manager, emergency medicine

Headlines: What has been the most satisfying thing about your career at Michigan Medicine?

CB: I’d have to say it’s the opportunity to contribute and grow in my career.

I first came here when I was only 17 years old, but I was given the tools and resources I needed to prove myself and find professional growth. This helped me move up the career ladder which I have loved doing and wouldn’t trade my career for anything else.


Darryl Hagman, medical coder

Headlines: What has been the deciding factor as to why you’ve stayed with the organization so long?

DH: I think the answer to that is pretty simple. This is a great place to work with wonderful people. The people are incredible to work with, have team spirit and help each other out. That allows us to do important work and to do it well.


Carol Ward, administrative specialist, facilities

Headlines: Who has been the biggest influence on you during your time here?

CW: There have been so very many over the years that I am hesitant to pick just a few. But Ellen Gaucher was a great coach for me both personally and professionally; and my current director, Bob Harris, has been supportive, educational and entertaining while helping me learn to look at things in a new light. 

Many of the areas I have worked in have enabled me to do so many things that in any other industry would have been off limits — and I am so very grateful to so many for allowing me to do new things and providing me opportunities for growth.


Nadine Korc, IT customer relationship manager, HITS

Headlines: What has been the most satisfying thing about your career at Michigan Medicine?

NK: For me, it’s been the diverse opportunities and experiences I’ve had. I began my 45-year journey as a new grad working in a clinical unit. I remained in the clinical world for the first half of my career, which offered me lots of educational opportunities. The second half of my career has been in IT with an emphasis around servicing the clinical arena.

Every day is a new challenge. And that has molded me into being a lifelong learner. There have been so many opportunities I’ve grabbed onto and taken advantage of, all thanks to everyone surrounding me at Michigan Medicine.