It’s personal: Cybersecurity is essential both at home, in the workplace

October 2, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

During October — which is Cybersecurity Awareness Month — Michigan Medicine Information Assurance is emphasizing personal accountability and stressing the importance of taking practical steps to enhance cybersecurity both at home and in the workplace.

That’s why faculty and staff will be able to find this National Cybersecurity Awareness Month poster in locations across the organization, as well as articles in Headlines focusing on different themes throughout the month.

Making cybersecurity personal to you and your family

Cybersecurity is a risk for both children and adults.

“As technology becomes more important in our personal lives, so does securing it,” said Jack Kufahl, chief information security officer at Michigan Medicine. “That makes it imperative that faculty and staff take a number of steps to protect themselves and those around them, whether it’s family members, coworkers or even patients.”

There are a number of ways to protect your information while at work, home, while traveling or on social media: 

  • Never share your password
  • Use two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security
  • Think before clicking links or opening attachments in emails: they could be phishing attempts
  • Use appropriate security measures such as antivirus software and secure browsing
  • Limit the type of business you conduct over public WIFI or use a VPN if you must.

“While nothing is 100 percent foolproof, these steps will make it more likely that your information is safe and protected while online,” Kufahl said.

Learn more — and win!

Each week in October, Information Assurance will hold a game or contest to help employees learn more about Cybersecurity. This will include a word-search, crossword puzzle, etc.

The first 10 people to provide correct answers will win a swag box filled with prizes. Submit contest answers to

Each week will have the following themes:

  • Week of Oct. 1: Making Cybersecurity personal to you and your family
  • Week of Oct. 7: Password security
  • Week of Oct. 14: Encryption
  • Week of Oct. 21: Physical security
  • Week of Oct. 28: Phishing

In this week’s game, players must bring stolen information back to Michigan Medicine by navigating a maze full of malware. Play this week’s game here!

Remember, email contest answers to Visit National Cybersecurity Awareness Month for more information.

Share information

Take two minutes to view this week’s Cyber Safety poster. Once you’ve done that, print, display and share the posters with your colleagues!

Additional information can be found on the organization’s Safe Computing website.

Thank you for taking the necessary steps to keep yourself — and your loved ones — safe online!