Coming soon: Inaugural Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Pulse Survey

October 7, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

Employee surveys have been a longstanding tradition at Michigan Medicine and with good reason. Feedback from team members helps to provide leaders with valuable information and accountability tools to keep the organization strong.

“One of the best tools we have to assist leadership in making positive, impactful and lasting changes across the organization are the many voices of our employees,” said David J. Brown, M.D., associate vice president and associate dean for health equity & inclusion. “The upcoming Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Pulse Survey provides an opportunity for staff to share their input on topics such as communication, respect and teamwork so that we can continue to build a unified culture at Michigan Medicine that is also diverse and inclusive. In the spirit of inclusivity, faculty is also eligible to participate in a condensed version of the survey assessing their confidence diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and initiatives are having a positive impact in their departments.”

Michigan Medicine’s first annual Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Pulse Survey launches in one week. Here’s what you need to know:

What is a pulse survey? “A pulse survey is a short survey used to track organizational health and progress with company goals. And, because DEI is a top organizational priority, it is important for us to assess and track our efforts of providing an accepting and inclusive environment for all employees and patients alike,” said Phillip Lipka, Human Resources Employee Engagement Program Manager.

Eligibility: All hospital, health center and medical school faculty and staff who began working at Michigan Medicine on or before Sept. 3, 2019 are eligible to take the survey, including research staff and fellows, EVPMA’s office employees, and those with official dual appointments (as long as one appointment is in Michigan Medicine). Temporary employees, house officers and volunteers are excluded.

Survey administration: The survey will be administered by the third-party vendor for Michigan Medicine’s patient satisfaction surveys, Press Ganey.

It’s confidential: All survey responses are sent directly to the vendor where they are compiled into summary reports. The reports sent to Michigan Medicine will only show average scores for each group, not individual responses. There is no way for the organization to track personal information or answers.

Comments: One open-ended feedback question will be included in the staff version of the survey. While comments can be left in the survey, it is encouraged that any concerns related to inappropriate behavior or specific events that have occurred be reported via the Compliance Hotline rather than submitting through the survey. Submissions through the hotline can be anonymous, if desired, and will ensure concerns are reported to and investigated by the appropriate individuals.

It’s open for a limited time: Eligible employees will be able to take the survey between Monday, Oct. 14 and Friday, Oct. 25.

Taking the survey: The survey will be accessed via a generic link with a unique password. Eligible employees will receive the link in an email from “Michigan Medicine DEI Pulse Survey” on Monday, Oct. 14. The DEI Pulse Survey will contain 20 questions and will only take about 5 minutes to complete for staff. The faculty version of the survey will only contain two questions so should take even less time to complete.

More feedback will yield better results: There are many voices throughout Michigan Medicine and leadership wants to hear from as many as possible.

“The more voices we hear from, the better we can ensure we enact initiatives that are inclusive of all thoughts, opinions and feedback,” said Megan Blair, quality senior clinical information analyst. “We encourage all that would like to make their voice heard to complete the survey and provide their open and honest feedback.”

Check out the top story in Headlines on Monday, Oct. 14 for more information about the survey!