Postdoctoral fellows share research in three minutes

September 24, 2019  //  FOUND IN: News
The postdoctoral fellows who presented at the recent event.

Last week, eight U-M Medical School postdocs presented their research using non-technical terms in one slide and 180 seconds during the 2019 Postdoc180 competition finale.

The event, planned and hosted by the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (OGPS) Career and Professional Development team, was based on the Three Minute Thesis and occurred in conjunction with National Postdoc Appreciation Week.

The postdocs came from diverse backgrounds and presented on diverse research topics, which was representative of outstanding work being performed at the U-M Medical School.

Postdocs and their research topics included:

  • Doug Baumann, Ph.D., biomedical engineering, “Reprogramming the Command Center for Cancer Therapies”
  • Shijiao Huang, Ph.D., molecular & integrative physiology, “How to Die Young at a Very Old Age”
  • Swetha E. Jeganathan, M.D., M.Phil,, biomedical engineering, “Are Smart Glasses ‘Smart Enough’?”
  • Ashley Kalinski, Ph.D., cell & developmental biology, “Sarm1: The Tale of Destruction and Repair”
  • Zeribe Nwosu, Ph.D., molecular & integrative physiology, “Cancer – Winning the Battle Starts with Knowing the Enemy”
  • Awanti Sambarey, Ph.D., biomedical engineering, “The Fight Against Tuberculosis: Smart Treatments with Artificial Intelligence”
  • Mary Underwood, Ph.D., pediatrics, “The Clot Thickens”
  • Prahatha Venkatraman, Ph.D., pharmacology, “Should We Be Worried About Mild Injuries to the Head?”

Finale judges included:

  • Mary-Ann Mycek, Ph.D., professor of biomedical engineering, associate dean for graduate and professional education in the U-M College of Engineering
  • Doug Tribou, National Public Radio host, Michigan Radio
  • Jay Vornhagen, Ph.D., postdoctoral fellow, pathology, 2018 Postdoc 180 winner

First prize was awarded to Awanti Sambarey, Ph.D.

Second prize and People’s Choice was awarded to Prahatha Venkatraman, Ph.D.

Third Prize was awarded to Doug Baumann, Ph.D.

Congratulations to all of the postdocs on an amazing display of science communication!