7E earns patient safety honors

September 23, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Congratulations to the faculty and staff on 7E for going a full year without a CAUTI (Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection)!

This is the second straight year the unit has gone without a CAUTI. For their efforts, the team earned a 365 Days of Safety Award.

On top of that, the unit’s hand hygiene compliance scores have been exemplary for the past 12 months. The organization awarded them a special badge to go along with their patient safety recognition.

The 365 Days of Safety Award program recognizes outstanding practice within a patient care unit, area, clinic or department which resulted in the avoidance of patient harm and health care-acquired conditions for 365 consecutive days. The award also demonstrates the sustainability of the associated patient safety practice.

To learn more about 365 Days of Safety Award, to see past winners or to submit a nomination, click here.