Plan ahead: Home football season to affect parking on athletic campus

August 28, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Please be advised that the 2019 U-M home football season will kick-off Saturday, Aug. 31. Logistics, Transportation & Parking (LTP) and the Athletic Department again ask for your assistance in providing parking for game attendees.  

It is requested that ALL vehicles (personal and university) be parked at off-site locations away from the football stadium area each Friday by 11 p.m. prior to home football games.  

Any vehicles left in the lots after 11 p.m. will be subject to towing. There are seven home games this year:

  • Saturday, Aug. 31: vs. Middle Tennessee, 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, Sept. 7: vs. Army, noon
  • Saturday, Sept. 28: vs. Rutgers, time TBD
  • Saturday, Oct. 5: vs. Iowa, noon
  • Saturday, Oct. 26: vs. Notre Dame, time TBD
  • Saturday, Nov. 16: vs. Michigan State, time TBD
  • Saturday, Nov. 30: vs. Ohio State, noon

Listed below are the lots to be vacated by all vehicles:

  • SC2: Blue lot between Hoover St. and Keech St.
  • SC3: Service Center at Admin Services Building
  • SC4: Yellow lot on Kipke Dr.
  • SC5: Yellow lot on Kipke Dr.
  • SC6: Orange lot west of Kipke Dr.
  • SC7: Orange lot east of Kipke Dr.
  • SC9: Yellow lot (“The Coliseum” lot) on Hill St. and Division St.
  • SC11: U-M Business Vehicle lot on Hoover St. at the Physical Properties Building*
  • SC12: Blue lot on Greene St.
  • SC13: Blue lot on Greene St.
  • SC14: Blue lot on Hoover St. at Greene St.
  • SC16: Yellow lot on Kipke Dr. at CSSB
  • SC32: Visitor lot on Greene St.
  • SC35: Yellow lot between Keech St. and Hoover St.
  • SC36: Orange lot on Main St. and Keech St.**
  • SC37: Blue lot on Hoover St. at Revelli Hall
  • SC38: Yellow lot on Division St. at Hill St.
  • SC41: Orange lot on Hoover St.
  • SC44: Yellow lot along S. Fifth Ave.
  • SC45: Yellow lot along S. Fifth Ave.
  • SC46: Yellow lot along S. Fifth Ave.

* In SC11, it is especially important to remove U-M vehicles. This is where staff who must work on Saturdays will park.
** SC36 will be closed to parkers beginning at 3 p.m. on Thursdays.

For a look at the athletic campus parking map, click here.  

On-call staff and staff with regular work schedules on Saturday will be accommodated on the Ross Athletic Campus whenever possible. With as much advance notice as possible, please email LTP ( with the names of those working and the dates. A football coordinator will confirm their parking arrangements by return email.

Employees working on the Ross Athletic Campus on Saturdays before, during or after home football games need to be aware that Keech St. at the north end of the Stadium will be closed to all traffic, except emergency vehicles, two hours before kick-off until approximately one hour after the game ends. 

In addition, Greene St. south of Hoover St. will be one-way southbound until the game ends.