Parking and transportation update

August 12, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Please be advised that a number of changes took effect this morning as the organization seeks to improve parking and transportation for patients and employees alike.

During the transition, signage in the P4 parking structure made it unclear where blue and gold parking spaces were available to employees.

Thanks to the feedback of faculty and staff, this issue was identified and remedied early this morning.

To clarify, gold spaces can now be found on floors 1 through 3 of the P4 parking structure, while there is accessible blue parking on multiple floors of the structure. Additionally, blue permit parking starts on level 3 near and on the crossover to level 4. Levels 4 and above contain blue parking.

A continuous effort

As Michigan Medicine remains committed to ongoing and continuous focus on further enhancements that will improve the parking and transportation experience for patients and employees, your feedback is vital.

If there are any concerns, reach out to And you can find more information about parking and transportation options at Michigan Medicine by clicking here.