#MommyMonday: Latching Issues? Try These 5 Breastfeeding Positions

August 19, 2019  //  FOUND IN: News

Breastfeeding positions that are comfortable for both you and your little one can help with latching issues and make the breastfeeding experience much more enjoyable. Being in a comfortable and relaxed position also aids in let-down, the reflex that causes milk to flow when mom is ready to breastfeed.

Although one position might work well, frequently changing positions can help in preventing blocked ducts, according to Michigan Medicine lactation consultant Carrie Pawlowski, RN.

Regardless of the position, Pawlowski says it’s important to follow these breastfeeding tips: click here to view.

The Michigan Medicine’s Health blog is running a series named #MommyMonday for Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Check back every Monday during August for more important tips and information on breastfeeding!