#MommyMonday: Are you properly storing your breast milk and formula?

August 12, 2019  //  FOUND IN: News

Whether you’re returning to work, often separated from your little one, or have decided to use formula, it’s important to know best practices for storing breast milk, formula, or a combination of the two.

“It’s essential to store and use them correctly in order to avoid contamination or spoilage,” said Carrie Pawlowski, R.N., a lactation consultant at Michigan Medicine.

But Pawlowski also noted it can be overwhelming at times for moms to remember all of the guidelines.

“Storing milk might seem simple enough, but when you’re functioning on little to no sleep, it’s the last thing you want to search the internet for at 3 a.m.”

So how long can breast milk sit in the fridge for? How do you safely thaw and prepare breast milk after it’s been frozen? For more on those rules and others, click here.

What Pawlowski says you should know about mastitis

Being a new mom comes with a multitude of worries, including ones about breastfeeding or getting your baby to successfully latch. 

In an effort to keep infection off your list, Pawlowski also shared tips and tricks for keeping yourself mastitis free and what to do if you think you have it.

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The Michigan Medicine’s Health blog is running a series named #MommyMonday for Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Check back every Monday during August for more important tips and information on breastfeeding!