Making a Difference: July 2019 highlights

August 6, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

Employees across Michigan Medicine continue to make a difference and inspire colleagues through their hard work and dedication. Recognizing the contributions employees make to the organization helps the team to become more motivated, drives better teamwork and gives each individual a sense that they are an integral part of achieving organizational goals.

Here are just a few examples of how faculty and staff helped Michigan Medicine provide exceptional care and service last month:

Peer recognition

Jennifer Swartzlander, payroll clerk intermediate, Human Resources

Every time I refer someone to Jennifer with a payroll question, she goes above and beyond, explaining exactly what the person needs to do in regards to their timecards or explaining how their pay will be affected. She breaks every situation down and makes it so simple to understand. I really appreciate how uncomplicated she makes the process and I feel like she is a great asset for employees. Thanks Jennifer!

Vanessa Buhlman, laboratory supervisor, pathology

Vanessa is an approachable and outgoing member of management that always is willing to help when needed and/or asked. She encourages all to grow in the field of pathology and is willing to educate when needed. Vanessa provides a positive working environment for the department and I am appreciative for all the hard work she does. She is an example of what a “leader and best” should be at U-M!

Jordan Talia, M.D., dermatology

Dr. Talia makes a difference every day with his professionalism, attention to detail and outstanding clinical skills. In our unit, he is always extremely professional and courteous with colleagues, staff and patients. He sets an example we should all strive to achieve every day. I have personally encountered several complex cases where his meticulous notes have helped avoid confusion and ensure efficient clinical flow. Thank you, Dr. Talia!

Deanna Clendening, business systems analyst, Health Information Management

Deanna is extremely helpful, always providing clarity during stressful work situations when it takes a calm and cool demeanor to tackle pressure and stay focused. She is an asset to colleagues within her unit and her department, delivering exceptional business acumen, respect for her team members and integrity for standards across the organization.

Valerie Nolt, pediatric clinical pharmacist specialist, Pharmacy Services

Valerie, you are dedicated to providing excellent patient care and are always willing to take on challenging tasks. I greatly appreciate your positive attitude, dedication and effective communication skills. Thank you for stepping up and taking the initiative, following through in every step of the process. You are a true leader and I am grateful to be your colleague!

Ashley Harmer, administrative manager, Patient Relations

Rich in talent and intelligence, Ashley’s communication with patients as well as staff is exceptional — she is always two steps ahead of the game. Her ability to defuse difficult situations is outstanding. Her demeanor with patients is professional and courteous, but with a balance of wariness in order to get to the truth. Whether on the phone or in person, she presents PRCR in the best possible light. Ashley has proven beyond a doubt that she makes a difference in her position at PRCR and Michigan Medicine!

Patient to staff

John Hawkins, registered nurse, 7W adult BMT

John carries himself with the perfect combination of support and motivation, and genuine care for all aspects of the patient. John pays close attention to everybody in the room, both patients and family members. He is warm, encouraging, clear and compassionate. He has the ability to make your feel you are not alone, that he is with you. Thank you, John, for providing me with such great care.

Shawn Hoffman, physical therapist

Shawn consistently demonstrated a strong technical and operational knowledge of physical therapy, anatomy and physiology. He built a strong rapport with me during my knee replacement therapy and maintained a high level of professionalism with a sense of humor and empathy. Shawn constantly encouraged me to push harder and kept raising the bar to help me achieve the target level of recovery and limb mobility. Shawn also effectively managed and trained a new student. It’s clear Shawn excels as both a practitioner and a teacher and U-M is extremely fortunate to have him!

Family to staff

Maria Mantua, nursing assistant, 5B1 acute care medicine

Maria is always warm, organized, compassionate and caring toward my son. She keeps the room organized so that everything he needs is found easily. She uses my son’s name even though he is unaware. Her warm and bright personality is encouraging to be around. She is the type of quality person you want to interact with and makes your great hospital even better. Thank you, Maria!

Nicholas Beimer, M.D., neurology

Thank you, Dr. Beimer, for going the extra mile to help my daughter, my wife and I gain invaluable insight into our daughter’s condition. His creativity and dedication to helping made a difference as he was able to witness what we’ve been seeing but not able to capture on video. We are so impressed and came away from our appointment with information and confidence in Dr. Beimer as a provider. Not only did he patiently answer all our questions but he went above and beyond to help us. We appreciate Dr. Beimer and he should be recognized for his dedication to patient care!

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