#DocsWithDisabilities monthly podcast addresses issues, experiences of doctors with disabilities

August 2, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

Living up to its name, #DocsWithDisabilities is a new monthly podcast exploring the real-life stories and experiences of doctors with disabilities.

A creation of MDisability, a family medicine disabilities program through Michigan Medicine, the podcast will be hosted by Lisa Meeks, Ph.D., M.A.

A deeper understanding of issues, challenges and the stories of medical professionals with disabilities will be discovered through critical conversations with the doctors, researchers, administrators, faculty and policy makers that work to ensure medicine remains an equal opportunity profession.

MDisability is a collaborative program focused on improving the inclusion of people with disabilities in healthcare research, education, practice and community engagement.

The initial podcast features an interview with Nichole Taylor, D.O., assistant dean of student affairs with the Wake Forest School of Medicine. She is living with multiple sclerosis and addresses that and the experience of interacting with her students.

“I’m very open about my disability with the students,” said Taylor on the podcast. “I think it’s important that they all know that we aren’t these superhuman beings, and we struggle. But I think when you can be vulnerable, and you can show that we can be human beings.”