Culture of Safety Survey coming soon!

August 29, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

On Sept. 9, Michigan Medicine will start conducting the Culture of Safety Survey. This survey, which happens every other year, enables the organization to assess what faculty and staff think about various aspects of the organization’s patient safety culture.

Previously, Michigan Medicine utilized the Agency for Healthcare Research (AHRQ) and Quality Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture.

This time, however, the survey will be an abbreviated version of the SCORE tool — a validated tool that has also received accreditation through Leapfrog and Magnet organizations to reduce overlap with employee engagement surveys. This change makes the survey much shorter and quicker to fill out!

The data will also be managed internally by a joint team from Quality Analytics and the Office of Patient Safety.

Also new this year, all faculty and staff across the organization will receive a link to participate in the survey — because everyone’s voice is important where patient safety is concerned. The results will help Michigan Medicine leadership understand what faculty and staff think makes the health system safe, as well as identify opportunities for improvement to make the organization safer for both patients and employees. Even employees who do not work directly with patients have valuable input that helps inform the organization’s safety culture.

The results of the Culture of Safety Survey are even more important now that Michigan Medicine is working to become a highly-reliable organization. Results will be used to understand how the organization is progressing on its high reliability journey, and identify additional opportunities to further improve patient and employee safety across the organization. 

The link will be distributed on Monday, Sept. 9, and the survey will be open for two weeks. Results will be made available to individual units and departments once the survey has been completed.