Merit Program announcement

July 31, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

This summer has provided an opportunity to reflect on the great work the entire organization accomplished in Fiscal Year 2019, including national and state rankings and the day-to-day accomplishments that you may not have heard about. 

As the organization completes its performance appraisals and prepares for the annual merit program, this year’s program will provide greater opportunities for leaders to recognize top performers using the pay-for-performance guidelines.  

Based on a staff member’s performance, leaders will have the flexibility to distribute their merit budget based on the suggested range of merit program. This year, the merit budget is 3 percent, and as in previous years, there is an additional incremental budget of 0.5 percent to reward top performers. The amount of individual increase is dependent upon the overall performance of the staff member and departmental budget available.

The approved merit program allows Michigan Medicine to remain competitive and most likely ahead of some of its local competitors. For more details on this year’s merit program, please speak with your manager.

The merit program is just one of the ways the organization is committed to retaining and recruiting the most talented and highest caliber employees. Over the past year, you have seen the action plan to restore the retirement savings match to 10 percent (January 2020) and may have experienced the benefits of the new parental leave program. These all reflect how much the organization values your efforts and your work at Michigan Medicine.

Please note that compensation for bargained-for staff continues to be governed by their collective bargaining agreements.

Thank you for your contributions to Michigan Medicine and for all that you do every day.

Note: This message was originally distributed as an email with the subject line ‘FY19 Merit Program’ but should have read FY20 Merit Program.