13 units earn hand hygiene compliance honors

July 11, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Congratulations to 13 units across Michigan Medicine, which were recently recognized for earning the highest hand hygiene compliance numbers in June.

The areas include: PICU, 12E, SICU, 6C, adult dialysis, 8B, CVC 5, radiology prep/recovery, MPU prep/recovery, SSS, UH PACU, lab/phlebotomy and RC.

All of those units will be added to the Infection Prevention and Epidemiology Honor Roll for hand hygiene compliance, along with: CV ICU, 4C, pediatric ED, PFANS, Brandon NICU, EVS, pediatric dialysis, adult ED, 12W, TB ICU, 7W, 11W, PCTU, MSSU Blue, CICU, 8 DNS, CCMU, 4A, 8A, neuro ICU, 7E, CPU prep/recovery, 8E, 5A, UH OR, 5C, MSSU Maize, 6A, 8C, transport/lift, VV OR, 6B, VV PACU and 7B.

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