100 years of safety: Units honored for quality care all day, every day

July 16, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

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Every day, multidisciplinary care teams across Michigan Medicine work together to provide world-class care. An important aspect of that effort is keeping patients safe from health care-acquired conditions.

Health care-acquired conditions, often called HACs, refer to unexpected, preventable events that a patient may experience as a result of their stay in a hospital or their interaction with health care services. For example, if a patient is admitted to the hospital for an elective surgery and develops an infection at the site of the surgical incision, that infection is an HAC — it occurred as a result of care.

At Michigan Medicine, the 365 Days of Safety Award is given by the chief medical officer and chief nurse executive and recognizes outstanding practice within a patient care unit, area, clinic or department which eliminates patient harm and HACs for 365 consecutive days. Those who receive the award must also demonstrate the sustainability of the associated patient safety practice.

Awards are given for preventing well known HACs such as central line infections, catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI), falls with injury and pressure ulcers, but units can apply to the Patient Safety Committee for recognition of a specific HAC that may apply solely to their specific patient population.

For instance, many units have been recognized for performance with critical safety behaviors like meeting hand hygiene compliance goals for 12 consecutive months.

In addition, the Kellogg Eye Center recently received an award for their care of high-risk ophthalmic patients, and other ambulatory care units may follow suit in the months ahead.

Since the program’s inception in 2015, 100 awards have been presented to units throughout the organization. That’s a full century’s worth of care that has kept patients safe from potential harm!

Providing high-quality care

“Preventing HACs is an important part of providing high-quality care for our patients,” said Jeff Desmond, M.D., chief medical officer for Michigan Medicine. “Having a way to recognize faculty and staff who are working hard to reduce HACs and improve care for our patients is equally important, which is why the 365 Days of Safety Award was created.”

Congratulations to all the units who have earned 365 Days of Safety awards since the program began. Among the recipients this calendar year are:

  • 6D
  • Trauma Burn
  • 8B
  • 8C
  • Kellogg Retina Clinic
  • 6C
  • 8D
  • 12E
  • CVC 5
  • 8E
  • 7A
  • 4A
  • PCTU
  • 12W
  • 6A

“I could not be more proud of the outstanding employees in our organization who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for our patients,” said Nancy May, D.N.P., RN-BC, NEA-BC, interim chief nurse executive. “I know I speak for every member of the leadership team when I say that having the opportunity to meet with the teams and personally recognize their hard work is a tremendous honor for all of us who have the pleasure of presenting these awards.”

Desmond echoed those thoughts.

“When we present these awards at the units, I am always struck by the pride and dedication our staff and faculty have for providing such exceptional care,” he said. “Our goal is to always be thinking about how to get to zero harm for our patients and our team members are committed to that all day, every day. As I often say when presenting the 365 Days of Safety awards, this is what high reliability looks like. To prevent something for more than a year speaks to the reliability of the process. To have our units do this 100 times tells me we are making progress.”

The above photo gallery includes many of the units that have been recognized in 2019.

Kudos to them — and thank you to everyone across the organization for the vital work they perform every day!

To learn more about 365 Days of Safety Award, to see past winners or to submit a nomination, click here.