Last chance to register: Working with Industry, Part Two

May 23, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Do you want to learn the steps to effectively activate an industry clinical trial at Michigan Medicine? How do you decide if a trial protocol is a good use of your time? What tactics can help you negotiate a better budget, and how can you tell if the funds from the sponsor will cover the cost of the study?

Get those questions answered at the second installment in the two-part series, Working with Industry, on Tuesday, May 28. Featuring an expert panel and round-table discussion, you’ll learn more about the fundamental steps to activate an industry-sponsored trial at U-M and how the Clinical Trials Support Office team can help with its administration.

Part Two will examine first-hand faculty and staff experiences involving:

  • How to get started, from receiving the protocol to opening a study
  • What factors are important to consider when determining trial participation
  • The basics of budgets and contracts and how the CTSU Finance team helps investigators

Panelists include:

  • Peter Higgins, M.D., Ph.D., professor of internal medicine – gastroenterology
  • Cyndi Bower, M.S., director for clinical trials operations
  • Kate Huffman, site development and strategic partnership lead
  • Amy Oliver, finance team lead, ACD CTSU

A “meet and greet” will follow the panel discussion and refreshments will be provided.

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