EVS to host AHE Certified Surgical Cleaning Technician Program

May 8, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Michigan Medicine Environmental Services will be hosting the Association for Healthcare Environment (AHE) Certified Surgical Cleaning Technician (CSCT) program in late May at the Ross Executive Learning Center.

The AHE CSCT certification program sets a standard for surgical environmental services technicians responsible for cleaning and disinfecting operating rooms — an intense, fast-paced, high-stakes environment.

The program is designed to set a level of expertise for managing pathogens and practicing innovative techniques specific to the operating room. The program offers streamlined training through a train-the-trainer model intended to save organizations’ resources.

Training emphasizes the importance of on-the-job performance and deepened self-awareness of working in the complex surgical environment. It includes surgical suite infection prevention; cleaning and disinfecting; problem solving; communication; and the impact on patient outcomes.

During the three-day course, which will run from May 29-31, attendees will cover the following:

  • How to execute proper sterile room cleaning and disinfecting techniques.
  • Practice standard operating room procedures and protocols to prevent transmission of pathogens.
  • Apply critical-thinking and decision-making skills specific to the operating room.
  • Communicate effectively with colleagues (nurses, surgeons, and facility teams)

The cost is $1,150 for the course. Click here to learn more.