Southeast Michigan measles update

April 11, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Please be advised that Washtenaw County is reporting its first case of measles.

The outbreak in southeast Michigan continues to grow with 41 total cases. The age range for the cases is eight months to 63 years.

  • Oakland County: 39 cases (known exposure locations are available here.)
  • Washtenaw County: 1 case (known exposure locations are available here.)
  • Wayne County: 1 case (There are no public exposure sites for this case.)

Vaccination is very effective at preventing people against measles. One dose of MMR is approximately 95 percent effective at preventing measles; two doses are approximately 97 percent effective.

Michigan Medicine workforce members are required to have proof of immunity to measles, either with two documented doses of the MMR vaccine or a blood draw for measles titer. Immune status of workforce members is verified at the time of hire and at each annual review with OHS.

If you have any concerns about your immunity to measles, please contact OHS at 734-764-8021.

Additional Information can be found on the Infection Prevention Webpage and as part of these FAQs.