Service Spotlight: Creating positive interactions

April 3, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

Creating an exceptional patient experience takes intention and a thoughtful approach from faculty and staff at all levels of the organization.

To make it easier to facilitate positive patient interactions, managers now have access to an important set of tools crafted by the Office of Patient Experience.

The organization recognizes that building the right team can often be the most important step in improving the patient experience. Consider partnering with the HR talent acquisition team to assist in finding candidates that not only possess the technical skills, but also the softer skills needed to work well with patients and families.

But finding the right new staff members is only one way to move the patient experience to the top of your area’s priority lists.

To help current employees adopt essential habits and set clear expectations on positive behaviors that enhance the patient experience, use the Patient Experience Critical Behaviors Checklist and incorporate the newly endorsed Job Specific Performance Categories into your annual evaluation forms. These behaviors include fostering an environment of inclusion, engaging genuinely and respectfully with patients, and communicating in a professional manner. The importance of consistently performing these behaviors can be reinforced throughout the year with the introduction of these new tools.

Next, everyone loves feedback for a job well done!

When a colleague or employee displays positive characteristics, use the “Strength Spotters” card to recognize them for their work. Download the Strength Spotter card template here.

Finally, data is an important tool to reinforce behaviors. Use patient satisfaction, compliance and grievance data to determine if your area is making a difference.

All these resources — and more  — are available on the Office of Patient Experience website.

Please check them out today and apply the ones that will help your area excel at providing the ideal patient experience.

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