New project to align policy information, make it easier to find and use

April 11, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

How much of this sounds familiar to you? “Do we have a policy on that?” “Which of these two similar policies is the one I need to follow?” “I can’t find the policy I’m looking for!”

To help make policies easier to find, Michigan Medicine is implementing a systemwide policy management software tool. You will start seeing some big changes beginning May 1.

Currently there are more than 60 websites where Michigan Medicine’s policies, procedures and guidelines are housed — plus countless shared drives, SharePoint sites and three-ring binders sitting on clinic shelves.

This is a real source of frustration for staff and leaders.

“The largest frustration is when you need to find a policy to support the needs of a patient,” said Michele Derheim, clinical nursing director of the pediatric intensive care unit. “It is even worse when there is time pressure, fumbling through fruitless searches and coming up with nothing — or worse, an old policy that is no longer in effect.”

The solution to this problem: PolicyStat, a web-based tool that will provide on-demand access to all the policies, procedures, guidelines and other important documentation staff and faculty need to do their job. The Office of Corporate Compliance is working with policy owners across the system to gradually consolidate the 60+ websites into a single “one-stop shop” for policies.

“Users across Michigan Medicine have expressed a need for a better, smarter way to manage and share policy information within and across our system,” said Cathie Joynt, a senior project manager in compliance. “We listened, and their feedback is at the center of this project.”

For those who manage and administer policies, the software will also help automate and streamline policy management and maintenance processes.

The system has been piloted within the U-M Medical School, and has been in use for some time by anesthesiology and perioperative services. The first major wave of clinical and administrative policies is targeted for launch in PolicyStat on May 1.

More information — including links on how to use the system to find the documents you need — will be provided once the system is ready for use in the coming weeks and months.

For more information or questions in the meantime, please email