New license verification system coming to Michigan Medicine

April 19, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Michigan Medicine is preparing to adopt a new electronic License Verification System (LVS), which will automate the process of monitoring clinical licenses and certifications which are required by the primary source verification (PSV) matrix.

This system will improve efficiency and processes when it comes to ensuring that team members remain licensed in their field of practice.

Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming changes:

  • Who it affects: If you are licensed to practice as a non-privileged provider in the State of Michigan, you will become part of the new system. This accounts for more than 11,000 employees at Michigan Medicine.
  • It will help employees: The new LVS will automatically send out reminders as the expiration date(s) for staff license(s) and certification(s) approach. This will help avoid compliance issues.
    • Remember, it is not legal to work on an expired license.
    • Additionally, if certifications are required for an individual’s role at Michigan Medicine, the new process will assist them.
    • Employees will periodically be sent email reminders prior to a license expiring.
    • Please note, it can take multiple weeks to get a new hard-copy of your license and certification once it has been renewed.
  • Staff will be automatically added to the LVS: All professionals will be entered into the licensing system upon hire.

Thank you for your efforts in renewing your licenses and helping Michigan Medicine provide exceptional patient care!