Leading limericks: Check out award-winning poems from Michigan Medicine employees

April 16, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

Another poetry contest is in the books, and there are 150+ examples that Michigan Medicine faculty and staff are as creative as they are caring.

That’s how many limericks were submitted for the annual contest in honor of National Poetry Month.

With poems that were funny, informative and important, employees across the organization took out their writing pens (or freshened up their keyboarding skills) and showed off their talents!

So take some time and check out the poems listed below, which earned this year’s awards.

If you are a winner, a member of the Department of Communication will be in touch soon to help you claim a prize. Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s contest!

‘Simply the Best’ award

Doctors, residents, clerks and more.
Michigan Medicine has professionals galore!
We are first rate,
Right out of the gate.
Who could ask for anything more!?!
— Sherrie Kegeler, tech, C&W ob/gyn clinic

Patients travel from here out to there,
Seeking health care that surpasses compare.
But quickly they learn,
That back to U-M they should turn,
For it’s Michigan that provides ultimate care.
— Linda Roth, project manager senior, Ambulatory Care Services

Shining Light award

Heading up Fuller Drive,
The sun is just starting to rise.
It’s morning in Ann Arbor,
And through the clouds is a safe harbor,
A place of healing and hope that changes lives.
— Susanne Pryce, compliance director

Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3 award

Research is so much more than pricking needles in mice,
Testing hypotheses is like rolling a dice.
Inject the dye,
But don’t splash your eye,
And once in a while, listen to your mentor’s advice!
— Amanda Howard, executive assistant, Department of Biological Chemistry

When winter turns to spring,
The garden statues sing:
“Gather around
As we expound
On G-nome sequencing!”
— Rachel Dull, senior data taxonomist, nephrology

A typical Michigan story
Begins in the laboratory.
With green stuff in vials,
Then clinical trials,
And patients congratulatory.
— Leif Myklebust, software delivery, Health Information Technology & Services

A little TLC award

When patients arrive for their pokes,
We give them blankets and snacks and tell jokes.
For comfort we aim,
It’s really no game.
We provide TLC to our folks!
— Sandy Raymond, B.S., R.N., CRNI, Canton Health Center Infusion

It’s humbling to enter in green and white,
Especially, when his mind’s reeling with fright.
Six months in recovery,
After they made their discovery.
He’s now healed and cheering, “Go Blue with such might!”
— Joan Lippincott, ophthalmic technician, Kellogg Eye Center, Grand Blanc

On the Diag’s block M I fell,
Fractures in my hand, X-rays tell,
The caring nurse I was with,
now believes bad luck myths,
and Michigan Medicine made me well.
— Travis Tagsold, associate financial analyst

Sense and Sensibility award

When you find yourself far from water and soap,
There is one way that you could cope.
Maybe liquid, foam or even gel,
Of alcohol it must smell.
With hand sanitizer, there’s no need to mope!
— Rachael Hodder, user experience analyst, HITS

There once was a man who won money,
But the email looked a bit funny.
He didn’t think,
And clicked on the link,
Turns out he wasn’t that lucky!
— Justin Sivils, technical writer, Information Assurance

In My Shoes award

Left a 70-bed hospital in ’82,
Culture shocked, I pledged no more than 6 months to the U.
Now it’s been 37 years,
Many smiles and some tears.
Proud to be a part of the Maize and Blue.
— Anne Perez, registered nurse

We provide help to users ’round the clock,
One of our best friends is named Sherlock.
Smart solutions are our goal,
To make patient care whole.
Good people make the HITS family rock!
— Melinda Seiler, CPOE application coordinator, MiChart team, HITS

The job of a PA has no end,
A helping hand always to lend.
Full of compassion, no doubt,
Sometimes even treating gout.
Offering care that is sure to mend!
— Debbie Sebring, physician assistant, Rogel Cancer Center

History Lesson award

Today’s tuition can strike some fear,
But some history is important to hear.
In the first year of class, 1850,
The Med School was downright thrifty,
’Cuz the bill was just five bucks a year!
— Michael Warden, senior director, IT Service Management

 Starburst award

There once was a young lassie who was not feeling so hot,
Who came to MM to give us a shot.
Everyone knows we’re the best of the best,
So we put her troubled mind to rest,
Shouting “Ahh young lassie, great care will be given at Mott!”
— Linda Charlton, data security analyst

Child Life staff love to give patients hope,
And using distraction they help kiddos cope.
Either with bubbles or a toy,
They turn tears into joy,
When Child Life is around patients never mope!
— Lisa Munch, operations manager, Child and Family Life

It’s All Fun and Games award

Movement, dribbling, passing, and scores —
Basketball on wheels is never a snore.
Catch the Rollverines
(They’re new on the scene),
And you’ll surely want to see more!
— Meghan Veiga, CTRS, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Many Voices, Our Michigan award

I’ve come to the foregone conclusion,
And it isn’t an optical illusion.
We treat people of all color,
Some tall and some smaller,
And celebrate diversity and inclusion.
— Matt Melvin, administrative assistant, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

There once was a patient from China,
Who had a bad case of angina.
But she couldn’t express,
Her great distress,
Without the interpreter beside ’er!
— Kun Shi (Jasmine), R.N., M.S., Interpreter Services

Scholarly love award

You look like you could be my youngest son.
I assure you, sir, ’tis not my first run.
I finished medical school last year,
So don’t worry, don’t fear,
They don’t give M.D.’s to just anyone
— Michelle M. Shnayder, M.D., M.P.H.

Thousands of students apply each year,
Their intentions, ambitions and goals quite clear.
They aim to be one of “The Leaders and Best,”
Oh … such a noble quest.
Time to shift into high gear!
— April Daniels, admissions specialist, U-M Medical School

In The Community award

We enthusiastically greet every guest,
In each patient the finest care we invest.
With laughter and smiles,
We go the extra mile,
BCSC infusion is the best!
— Ashley Sala, infusion scheduler, Brighton Center for Specialty Care

I looked all around and around,
’Til Livonia Health Center I found.
I peeked inside,
And was greeted with pride.
O’er the world, I know they’re renowned.
— Charlene Jackson, patient services assistant, Livonia Health Center

Living the Mission award

There once was a doctor with vision,
Who worked with excellence and precision.
One who shared a world of knowledge with staff,
Patient care flourished on their behalf.
Together, they realized a mission.
— Renée Ermi, HR Business Partner, Medical School Administration

Patients First award

There once was a person in a vest,
Who worked toward a singular quest.
To navigate our maze,
As a beacon of maize,
And make a patient’s experience the best!
— Greg Wnuk, director of operations, Procedural Learning and Safety Collaborative; program manager, Center for Surgical Training and Research

Some arrive nervous, others carefree.
It’s kind of like spa day, but with an IV!
Settled into our chair,
IV placement with care,
Following treatment, they’re happy to flee!
— Laurie Krell, R.N., CRNI, Clark Road Infusion