Help Michigan Medicine scientists win a championship with your vote!

April 4, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Susan Shore, Ph.D. (second from right), and several members of her team.

March Madness is over for U-M’s basketball teams, but another U-M team has a chance to win it all in their tournament: the STAT Madness Tournament of Science. And your vote by Friday at 5 p.m. ET could make the difference!

Carrying the banner for the entire university, the team led by Susan Shore, Ph.D., of otolaryngology, physiology and biomedical engineering, has worked for more than a decade to understand the mysterious and maddening condition known as tinnitus. They’ve developed a promising treatment to quell the phantom noises that people with the disorder hear, and are testing it in a clinical trial.

Vote today by clicking here to help them defeat the team from the University of Utah that has risen through the bracket to become their foe.

Run by the medical media organization STAT News, the STAT Madness competition aims to bring awareness to the key role of universities in biomedical research. Kudos to Shore and her entire team for their work!