‘Caring,’ ‘supportive,’ ‘invaluable’: Administrative professionals recognized across organization 

April 24, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

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Across Michigan Medicine, administrative professionals help the organization run more efficiently and effectively.

Whether it’s managing schedules, triaging phone calls, creating communications, offering thoughts on a wide-variety of topics or simply lending a listening ear, administrators play a vital role in advancing health to serve Michigan and the world.

In honor of Administrative Professionals’ Day, Headlines is honoring these individuals by going straight to those who know them best. Below is a sampling of recognition directly from those who are supported by these important personnel.

And be sure to click through the photo gallery above to see a number of these invaluable team members!

Cortney Spilak, admin in support of Bob Harris, associate hospital director

Harris: Cortney is the center of the Facilities Planning and Operations administrative support team. Her tireless efforts go beyond answering phones, managing calendars and writing documents. Cortney is literally the face and voice of facilities every time a plea for help and assistance is called in to her. First impressions can never be taken back — and the one she offers is always ideal.

Through her positive attitude and unwavering “can do” approach in helping others, she embodies the very essence of world-class customer service. We are all better off knowing Cortney is on our team!

Jada Johnson, admin in support of Jeffery Patierno, associate director, ambulatory care

Patierno: Jada’s contributions to Michigan Medicine’s mission are invaluable and I appreciate her positive attitude. Simply said, she’s an extraordinary human being!

Even though it’s been less than a year since Jada and I began working together, she’s been a huge source of support for me and I look forward to partnering with her in the years ahead. Thank you, Jada!

Bronson Conrado, admin in support of ambulatory care nursing resource pool, including Mark R.K. Hughes

Hughes: Bronson is a valued asset to the team. He is methodical with his work performance. Bronson is attentive to detail and has completed outstanding projects to benefit not only ACNRP, but ambulatory care as a whole. I appreciate the hard work and dedication he has displayed.

Michelle Johnson, admin in support of Carolyn Cole-Brown, associate hospital director

Cole-Brown: My assistant, Michelle Johnson, work goes beyond being valuable. She is absolutely the BEST! That’s because she is:

B: Beautiful inside and out
E: Excellent, efficient, energetic
S: Smart, solidly dependable, smiles abundantly, and is my “sunshine” everyday
T: Talented, a task master/miracle worker, trustworthy, true in service to others

It would be very difficult to do my job without “my Michelle.” Thank you!

Jennifer Purdy, admin in support of Maria Ceo, associate hospital director for operations and ancillary services

Ceo: I am very appreciative of Jennifer and all that she does for our team. Whether she is supporting my work or that of our retail contracts office or the Emergency Management Office, she is efficient, professional and balances the many responsibilities and requests. Jennifer, thank you from all of us!

Will Jermyn, admin in support of Maria Bertram, managing director, development

Bertram: Will has been an incredibly valuable addition to our team. He brings calm during the “storms,” is quick to complete projects, innovate and adds value and involves other team members seamlessly. As a 2018 grad, it has been great to watch Will grow in his career and take on many new and increasingly complex assignments over the past year.

Sandra Londo, admin in support of Hitan Kamdar, director of patient access

Kamdar: Sandra is a great partner to help me with daily operations. She not only does all the administrative things, but is also a sounding board for me to bounce ideas off of and helps make sure things are going smoothly. Most importantly, Sandra is kind and thoughtful person. I really enjoy working with Sandra and wish her and all the other administrative professionals a Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!

Stephen King, admin in support of Marc Moote, chief physician assistant; Heather Wurster, chief administrative director, Office of Clinical Affairs; and Cathy Emiline-Fegan, OCA administrative manager

Wurster: Stephen is a joy to work with! His quick wit and positive attitude are infectious. He is smart, responsible and caring. Stephen can often be found helping patients and families find their way to appointments by personally walking them to where they need to be — you can count on him to go above and beyond for our staff or patients. We are very lucky to have him as an employee within the Office of Clinical Affairs and at Michigan Medicine!

Carol Ziegler, admin in support of Shon Dwyer, UH/CVC executive director

Dwyer: Carol is an integral member of our team and I couldn’t survive without her! She anticipates needs and takes care of many things independently. We constantly receive positive feedback about her above-and-beyond customer service skills. Thank you, Carol!

Vicki Carnes, admin in support of Keith Gran, chief patient experience officer

Gran: Vicki is a vital member of the Office of Patient Experience. She has supported my work and the office since its initial launch in 2017. She is an efficient, helpful and pleasant team member who not only supports my work, but that of a continually-growing team. She is part of the reason we are successful in improving the experience for our patients and families. Thanks Vicki!

Shelby Malboeuf, admin in support of Ladele Cochran, administrative manager, Ypsilanti Health Center

Cochran: Shelby is a wonderful addition and leader in the making at Ypsilanti Health Center. She has proved to be a great talent with managing clerical projects, a very knowledgeable clerical trainer, and works tirelessly on helping improve processes including scheduling for the health center. It has been a great pleasure watching her grow in the past two years!