Learning and Development offers free Crucial Conversations Skills Practice Lab

March 4, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

For Michigan Medicine faculty and staff who know the components of Crucial Conversations®, they’ve likely identified their style under stress and know how to manage it accordingly.

They also recognize how to master stories to create healthy dialogue and they have gained a better understanding of how to state strong opinions without shutting down contrary views.

So now what can they do with those skills? Practice, Practice, Practice! Crucial Conversations® Skill Practice Labs will help learners move from awareness to application of skills.

These quick sessions are designed to allow Crucial Conversations® graduates to:

  • Recall key concepts of Crucial Conversations
  • Apply STATE skills, and other critical techniques
  • Review real-life Crucial Conversations

Click here for more information on offerings and how to register!

Website: https://hr.medicine.umich.edu/