Tuesday and Wednesday: Anticipated severe weather conditions

February 5, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

It is anticipated that freezing rain late Tuesday evening and early Wednesday morning will result in very icy roads and surfaces for the Wednesday morning commute to work.

Despite the weather, Michigan Medicine will remain open and will continue all operations as usual.

At approximately 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Logistics, Parking and Transportation will assess the ramp and roof top conditions of parking structures across the university and Michigan Medicine. If the ramps and roof tops are considered unsafe, they will be temporarily closed until conditions improve. For Michigan Medicine, this could result in the loss of several hundred parking spaces in the Wall Street, NIB, P1, P4, and Catherine/Ann parking garages.

To prepare for the potentially reduced parking and in an abundance of caution related to hazardous commuting, employees who are non-essential to operations and able to work from home should confirm with their supervisors/managers that they should do so. Employees who are unable to work from home should discuss with their supervisors/managers if they are considered essential employees to operations and should report to work or stay home as directed.

Situations will vary by department and leaders have the discretion to determine how to best maintain the safety of our patients and employees.

Supervisors/managers and department heads should ensure staff and patient safety by taking the following steps:

  • Assess staffing needs for critical staff and set priorities.
  • Contact staff scheduled for subsequent shifts to determine whether they are capable of reporting to work.
  • Request staff remain at work until their replacement has arrived.
  • Assess supply needs and set priorities.

Weather conditions will be monitored closely over the next 24 hours and more information will be shared as available.

A special thank you to all employees who faced challenging weather conditions last week and reported to work, and will do so again this week. Your efforts and dedication are very much appreciated and valued.

Michigan Medicine’s Emergency Management Operations reminds all staff to review the organization’s Severe Weather Plan. The plan helps to ensure the safety of all patients, staff and visitors by preparing ahead of time.