Traveling with technology: How to protect your data and devices

February 6, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Suitcase? Check. Flip flops? Check. Laptop? Check.

Getting ready for an international trip? Before you pack your mobile phone, laptop or tablet, use these reminders to avoid unintended risks before, during and after your travels.

  • Use the U-M Travel Registry. Before your trip, register your travel at the U-M Travel Registry. By registering your travel, you gain access to many emergency support services, including international health insurance and emergency evacuation support in most parts of the world. All U-M faculty, staff and students traveling abroad for university study or work should register (see U-M International Travel Policy).
  • Learn about your host country’s technology regulations: Contact for regulatory information specific to the country where you are traveling. You may be advised to take an unencrypted device overseas. You can request this by submitting an Encryption Exemption request.
  • Report any device that is lost, stolen and confiscated: Customs or other officials may ask you to turn over encrypted devices and/or to provide a password to unlock them. We are responsible for protecting institutional data, but also for following the laws of the country you are visiting. Contact the HITS Service Desk if your device is confiscated, lost, stolen or otherwise out of your control.

See this Traveling with Technology tip sheet for more guidelines and helpful tips.