Trauma Burn Center offers free ‘Straight Talk’ program for youth and families

January 15, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Do you know or have you treated a child or teen who has played with, experimented with, or misused fire in some way (e.g., lighters, matches, fireworks, bottle bombs, Works bombs, accelerants, aerosol sprays, etc.)? What about a youth who has observed others playing with fire and is at risk for peer-pressure experimentation?

Research shows that without specialized educational intervention, these risky behaviors are very likely to continue.

The Michigan Medicine Trauma Burn Center offers the nationally acclaimed “Straight Talk” program for free. Straight Talk is a supportive, non-punitive educational program for youth and their families that promotes good decision-making to keep families and communities safe.

Registration is required. Please call 734-232-3814 or email Kristy Brown at to register for the free Straight Talk program offered on Tuesday, March 5. The next class is April 30.

Not sure what Straight Talk is about? Or think it’s a “scared straight” program … think again! Learn more with a quick read of the FAQ’s.

Additional information and the program brochure can also be found by clicking here.