New goals in the new year: Employees show off their resolutions for 2019

January 16, 2019  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

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With 2019 underway, faculty and staff have adopted new goals and embarked on new initiatives to improve their well-being and work habits.

Here’s a quick glance at just a few of the employees who sent Headlines their new year’s resolutions and won a great prize, including Michigan Medicine swag.

If you’re among the following submissions, the Department of Communication will reach out shortly to help you claim your prize!

Sheena Riley, patient care technician

This year, I’m attempting to be more consciously present. I find that — especially in the medical field — we are consistently on the go. While most of the time it is necessary, we often don’t pause when we have the chance to do so. Even if during my shift, I stop every four hours and focus on my breathing for 30 seconds, it can make an incredible difference.

Weena Ekechukwu, HITS affiliate, obstetrics and gynecology

My new year’s resolution is to become more familiar with Ann Arbor’s arts and culture scene, as well as the surrounding locations.

Center for Interprofessional Education

The U-M Center for Interprofessional Education staff resolves to keep all that “winning team” momentum going, after our stellar first-ever 1,200-student/100-faculty IPE in Action event at Crisler Center. That’s what it will take to continue to build a truly collaborative culture across the health science schools at U-M — we’re all about teamwork!

Teresa White, R.N., Rogel Cancer Center

I plan to lose weight and become MHealthy in the new year!

Winnie Wong, IT project manager, Health Information Technology & Services

In 2019, I resolve to achieve a personal record at the Berlin Marathon!

Margaret Ramsay, patient services intermediate

In this time of new responsibilities and life changes, my resolution is to continue to breathe, offer a meaningful smile to our patients, families and staff, and remember that we are all human. I also wish peace to those in turmoil, relief to those who suffer and hope for those who feel burdened. I wish for an understanding calm to come over us all.

Nicole Watkins, CVC ICU clerk

This year, I will get the body and mindset I have been longing for. And I’ll do it by working hard and staying focused on my goals!

Nancy Burke, dietitian senior

My new year’s resolution is to reconnect with old friends from the past (high school/college/internship etc…) by sending each of them a birthday card. I hope to send along a note letting them know, despite many years and many miles that may separate us, that I still think of them and cherish the memories we made together.

Kertina Kimbrough, administrative assistant senior

I am going to spend more time being physically fit and active and participate in as many fun activities with my family and friends that I can!

Kiela Samuels, Pharm.D., allergy immunotherapy pharmacist

My goal is to “be intentional” in everything I do! 2019 will also be a year of action, when I will:

  • Have the courage to face difficult challenges
  • Create good habits that lead to positive life changes
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships with friends and family
  • Make new “daily” resolutions happen

Here’s to a great 2019!