It’s Corporate Compliance Week: Thank you for reporting your compliance concerns!

November 5, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

It’s true that Michigan Medicine policy requires you to report compliance concerns, but Michigan Medicine leadership and the Compliance Office want you to know that they truly appreciate the many calls and hotline reports they receive.


Because Michigan Medicine relies on your engagement to be successful.

You are encouraged to report concerns to your supervisor or other unit management, but if you are uncomfortable doing so, you may report to the Michigan Medicine Corporate Compliance Office or use the University Compliance Hotline.

The hotline has been upgraded to better identify both emerging and ongoing trends throughout the health system. This better data can in turn help the organization prevent and detect problems early enough to prevent catastrophic consequences.

Patients and their families, study subjects, students, the government and payers entrust Michigan Medicine with their care, their safety, their education and their dollars. But that trust must be earned and maintained every day and in every interaction by acting with ethics and integrity and adhering to the rules governing these interactions.

Your voice is important!