Help direct Michigan Medicine’s core values during upcoming survey

November 20, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

Core values determine how an organization will pursue its purpose and further its mission. They are standards of behavior that lead to action.

At Michigan Medicine, that means core values must help team members meet the following mission: “We advance health to serve Michigan and the world.”

In order to determine which values will help the organization best reach this mission, all Michigan Medicine employees have the chance to provide feedback in a short survey that will take place between Nov. 26 – Nov. 30. The survey has only four questions and will take just a few minutes to complete.

The survey is a culmination of feedback elicited at every level of the organization. Earlier this year, leaders from across Michigan Medicine provided their input during Leadership Day. Following that, there were town hall meetings that included nearly 200 faculty and staff. Based on the results of the town halls and additional input, the upcoming survey gives all employees a chance to shape the direction of the organization!

So do your part and participate in this important initiative. Stay tuned to Headlines as more information is made available.