Three units earn 365 Days of Safety Awards

September 13, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

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Congratulations to the Milk Room, PCTU and C&W 8E for earning 365 Days of Safety Awards!

The Milk Room was recognized for going a full year without a milk misadministration, while the PCTU went without a CAUTI and 8E went without a CLABSI for 365 days.

It was 8E’s fifth such award, having already been honored for going without a CAUTI (twice), CLABSI (once) and pressure ulcer (once).

The 365 Days of Safety Award recognizes outstanding practice within a patient care unit, area, clinic or department which resulted in the avoidance of patient harm and health care-acquired conditions for 365 consecutive days. The award also demonstrates the sustainability of the associated patient safety practice.

To learn more about 365 Days of Safety Award, to see past winners or to submit a nomination, click here.