Readiness is key during National Emergency Preparedness Month

September 17, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month and the time to get prepared is now!

Disasters can strike anywhere at any time. In recent years across the United States and the world, disasters have increased in size and extent of devastation.

Being prepared can reduce your family’s anxiety over what to do during a disaster and will increase your resiliency following a disaster.

Below are steps you can take now to get ready, no matter where you are.

Prepare at work:

  • Visit the Emergency Management Operations website to learn:
    • Emergency codes
    • Severe weather response guidelines
    • Staffing response guidelines
    • Clinical care response plans/guidelines
    • IT/Communication response guidelines

Prepare at home:

  • Keep vital records in a safe space
    • Store paper copies in a waterproof and fireproof box, safe, or bank deposit box. Leave copies with trusted relatives or friends. Secure electronic copies with strong passwords and save them on a flash or external hard drive in your waterproof box or safe. STORE POLICY NUMBER AND CONTACT INFORMATION NEARBY. Keep your policy number, your insurance professional/company phone number, and claim filing instructions in a secure, convenient location.
  • Document your property
    • You can take photos or videos to help you record your belongings, but be sure to also write down descriptions, including year, make and model numbers, where appropriate. For valuable items, you may want to have an appraisal to determine the item’s worth. Be sure to store your inventory somewhere it can be easily accessed after a disaster.

Prepare anywhere:

  • Get yourself a safety kit for your car, home and work!

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