New and improved Human Resources website makes its debut

September 28, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

Michigan Medicine Human Resources has a new website that is more user friendly and inclusive for all faculty and staff.

All of the features and information employees are used to seeing are available on the new site — along with dozens of new pages.

“This is an exciting, fresh start for the department and for all of our faculty and staff,” said Kim Wehrmeister, Human Resources trainer and website project manager. “What employees will notice immediately is that all information provided by HR has been streamlined and reorganized so it’s much more readily available and easy to find.”

The project was spearheaded by HR staff members, who implemented changes that reflected direct feedback from Michigan Medicine faculty and staff.

The department was assisted by Theresa Maddix, a member of the HITS Web Presence Team/Michigan Multimedia. Maddix and her team brought together various stakeholders in order to refocus the information so that it would best serve consumers of the HR website.

HITS also led the development of the website itself.

Improved functionality

The new website includes HR web pages regarding benefits, payroll, laws and policies, FAQs, contact information and more.

But it also provides access to training resources for employees and those in leadership roles.

“While the organization has been offering such training courses for years, our website did not previously have the functionality to include links and information about them,” Wehrmeister said. “We’re confident that the new site will help our employees carry out their jobs more efficiently and find the resources they need to help advance in their careers.”

An inclusive approach

The new website also modernizes how accessible HR initiatives are to all Michigan Medicine employees — as it is ideal for screen readers and adaptive website viewing.

“The new pages are in full compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, which was our No. 1 priority,” Wehrmeister said. “We wanted to ensure we are connecting with all of our staff members and that we are inclusive of everyone’s needs.”

Employees will also find that the site is easier to use on mobile devices.

“In the end, we’re providing a cleaner, more informative site for everyone and that’s exciting,” Wehrmeister said. “We think this will become a valuable tool for our employees in the years to come.”

Click here to check out the new website for yourself!


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