Meet your Michigan Medicine MVPs

September 17, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

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Over the past few weeks, team members have taken the time to recognize the MVPs and superstars who make their unit or department a success at Michigan Medicine.

Whether it’s helping schedule infusion appointments at the new Brighton Center for Specialty Care, assisting patients and colleagues in PFANS or treating intramural student-athletes, employees shine bright every day and raise the level of care, education and research provided at Michigan Medicine.

Congratulations to the following nominees, who were randomly selected by Headlines to win fantastic prizes, such as movie passes or Michigan Medicine swag!

All other superstar nominees are listed at the bottom of the story.

Emily Klimas, infusion scheduler, Brighton Center for Specialty Care

On top of excelling at her job, Emily’s bubbly personality brightens the day of all the patients she comes into contact with, and staff members routinely comment about what a joy she is to be around. Emily is hardworking, goes out of her way to assist colleagues and does everything she can to make things go smoother for a patient. She is a real superstar!

Toni Szpara, clinical nurse specialist, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital

Toni is a strong advocate for patients and families as evidenced by her engagement with safety and quality improvement efforts. Even in the face of adversity, she is always willing to do the right thing and speak up for patients. She has a proactive approach to her leadership style and I really appreciate her and enjoy working with her. Thank you for setting a wonderful example for all of us at Michigan Medicine!

Cliff Cho, M.D., professor of surgery

I would like to recognize Cliff Cho, M.D., because he is an amazingly kind, humble and compassionate surgeon, colleague and mentor. Cliff is second to none and is the most deserving person for this sort of honor. Thank you for making Michigan Medicine a great place to work!

Molly Whitney, food service worker, PFANS

Molly helped to train me when I came on board at PFANS. From the start, it was obvious that she gives excellent service to our patients and coworkers. She is a model example of what every PFANS employee should aim to be. Thank you, Molly, for sharing your expertise with me and continuing to do an amazing job.

Amanda Martinez, call center representative, general surgery

Amanda is a superstar! She contributes to the success of the team and isn’t concerned about who gets the credit for a task getting accomplished. Amanda is also an empathetic listener and can be a persuasive speaker when needed. Finally, she provides exceptional customer service to patients and families. With her core values of respect, compassion, collaboration, innovation and commitment to excellence, Amanda exemplifies what working at Michigan Medicine is all about!

Marilyn Bliss, application systems analyst, MICHR

Marilyn regularly goes above and beyond in her efforts to further MICHR’s clinical research mission. She patiently works through complex technical issues to resolve access problems for researchers and their sponsored affiliates. Her devotion to give each one the attention they deserve in a professional manner is a hallmark of the MICHR Technical Support team. It takes both talent and effort to be a responsive, knowledgeable and effective problem-solver— and Marilyn does so like a superstar every day!

Dominique Washington-McNish, administrative support, pediatric psychology

Dominique is friendly and helpful to everyone, but has played a particularly big role in the MiPAIN clinic that is run in coordination with pediatric psychology and PM&R. She has demonstrated initiative, creativity, conscientiousness and dedication to running and coordinating the program, from establishing screening and triage processes to serving as a liaison between MiPAIN team members, pediatric psychology staff and PRC support staff. All the while, she maintains a positive, upbeat attitude that infuses the rest of the staff as well as patients and families with optimism. Thank you, Dominique!

Matt Zedro, pharmacist coordinator

Since Matt has been in this role, he has been an amazing asset in our team’s work to improve regulatory readiness in preparation for accreditation surveys. Matt is always responsive and strives to collaborate with all team members. It is apparent that his interest and priority is patient care and ensuring we are following policy and regulations to maintain our accreditation. His talents and effort are appreciated each and every day!

Marie Funk, ophthalmic technician, Kellogg Eye Center

Marie is an amazing asset to the glaucoma team as her boundless happiness and ability to keep a smile on her face serve as a breath of fresh air on stressful days. She can always be counted on to jump in whenever and wherever it’s needed. I want her to know that her efforts and hard work are not only seen, but they’re deeply appreciated by her coworkers. She reminds us to be our best self every day no matter what challenges the day may bring. Thank you for bringing so much joy to glaucoma!

Bri Arsenault, M.S., A.T.C., MedSport

Bri is an exceptionally creative, skillful and versatile athletic trainer. She is able to excel and make a difference in any environment she’s in, whether that be in the clinic with patients, on the field with high school athletes as part of MedSport’s Outreach Program, or serving the needs of U-M’s club and intramural sports programs. She goes the extra mile with everything she does. Bri also tends to be ahead of the curve with implementing new techniques, and is always willing to extend her vast set of knowledge and skills to others. She’s certainly an asset to the organization.

Team award

Complex Care Management Program

The entire Complex Care Management Program team is full of superstars. The group works tirelessly to advocate and ensure that the patients we serve receive equitable and quality care at Michigan Medicine. Often, our team members work with the most vulnerable populations and face numerous challenges, but they always strive to help our patients achieve positive health outcomes and keep each other motivated. It is an honor to work with each of these incredible team members!

Other nominees:

  • 6B staff
  • Anesthesiology technicians
  • Elizabeth Bisaccia, pediatric clinical pharmacist specialist
  • Virginia Beck, B.S.N., Vascular Access Service Team
  • Angela Bladecki, X-Ray technologist, outpatient radiology
  • Steven Blum, MedSport
  • Tyler Bolley, MedSport
  • Shannon Buycks, telecommunications supervisor, HITS
  • Courtney Carroll, pediatric clinical pharmacist specialist
  • Caitlin Ciolek, registered nurse, adult emergency department
  • Becky Cholak, administrative assistant, general surgery
  • Rebecca Chottiner, administrative specialist, corporate compliance
  • Jenna Combs, patient services associate, Medical Procedures Unit
  • Scherlyna Comer, clinic manager, plastic surgery
  • Sherri Couch, clerical senior supervisor, CSR
  • CICU nursing staff
  • C&W Phlebotomy team
  • Doreen Damp, administrative specialist, corporate compliance
  • Morgan DeVee, patient services intermediate, ABCC
  • Cindy Diakow, administrative assistant, Department of Learning Health Sciences
  • Domino’s Farms Allergy Clinic medical assistant team
  • Kari Downard, medical assistant, Dexter Health Center
  • Kim Dunlap, medical assistant specialist, Briarwood
  • Johnny Gayles, instrument processor, UH operating rooms
  • Tania Gibson-Strong, instrument processor, UH operating rooms
  • Linda Gorr, call center representative, Rogel Cancer Center
  • Jan Griggs, MCTP research coordinator
  • Jennifer Gruss-Lopez, clerical lead support, CVC 3
  • Jantzen Hale, Office for Health Equity and Inclusion
  • HMS coordinating center team
  • Katie Hounshell, patient services assistant, CVC
  • Margy Howes, administrative specialist, Military Support Programs and Networks
  • Charlotte Koehler, administrative assistant, MedRehab
  • Alicia Kuzia, medical technologist and student internship coordinator, hematology/pathology
  • Jennifer Lamb, program manager, HomeFront Strong
  • Gretchen Lawson, ELS specialist, ECMO
  • Peggy Linville, senior billing clerk
  • Kathy Louden, medical assistant, pre-operative clinic
  • Amanda Louks, payroll supervisor
  • Michael Maciejewski, MedSport
  • Kim McCann, patient financial counselor
  • Jason McCourt, orthotics and prosthetics
  • Renee McUmber, breeding colony manager, Lab Animal Medicine Unit
  • Heather Moore, medical assistant, Briarwood Family Medicine
  • Northville MRI team
  • Nurse aides, 6A day shift
  • Orthopaedic surgery medical assistant team
  • Jennifer Osworth, nurse, CVC 5
  • Physical and occupational therapy team, MedRehab
  • Ginalyn Poniatowski, executive assistant, corporate compliance
  • Erica Rabban, MCTP research coordinator
  • Radiology call center
  • Brinton Robison, physician’s assistant, neuro oncology
  • Ashley Sala, patient services associate, Brighton Center for Specialty Care
  • Shannon Salmons, patient care technician, radiology
  • Amanda Santistevan, patient services intermediate, CVC
  • Elizabeth Stephens-Kozlo, patient services assistant, ophthalmology general clinic
  • Team C, Patient Relations & Clinical Risk
  • Jamie Trombley, financial specialist, HomeMed reimbursement
  • Ruth Tolsyka, L.P.N., Vascular Access Service Team
  • Michelle Tripp, administrative specialist, anesthesiology
  • Bekkie Wang, research pharmacy technician
  • Kim Watson, payroll analyst
  • Kevin Weiss, application coordinator, HITS
  • Sarah Woollams, administrative assistant, anesthesiology
  • Karen Wutke, administrative specialist, corporate compliance
  • Jesse Yost, medical assistant, general medicine
  • Seong-Hee Yoon, rehab engineer, PM&R