Mandatory training module designed to help keep community safe

September 27, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

At Michigan Medicine, the goal of every employee is to keep patients and colleagues safe at all times.

That’s why the organization requires U-M Medical School non-clinical faculty and staff to take the online training module, “Critical Incident Safety in the Medical School for Non-Clinical Faculty and Staff.”

The module helps employees identify, prevent and respond to emergency situations — and to do so in accordance with institutional safety requirements.

“As a pediatric oncologist, I am acutely aware of the value of anticipating and preparing for unexpected events that can threaten the lives of my patients,” said Raymond Hutchison, M.D., M.S., associate dean for regulatory affairs at the U-M Medical School. “The same principles apply throughout Michigan Medicine. The 15 minutes or so the module requires is time well spent when it comes to protecting yourself, your colleagues, your patients and the entire university community.”

The mandatory training is in MLearning, course code UMMS-60265. The training has been updated, so if you’ve taken it in the past, it includes new information relative to your position.

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility and this active attacker training is important as it will equip you with some basic skills to react and response in the unlikely event of the worst case scenario,” said U-M police officer Kaitlin Deslatte, community outreach officer. “DPSS is always here to help, so never hesitate to reach to us 24/7. Trust your instincts — if you see something, say something.”

Thank you for taking the necessary steps to keep the Michigan Medicine community safe!